A lifelong passion…

Kirk Valentine, Founder

From the time I could remember, I’d go down to the shop with dad and he’d get out a board and some nails and let me pound a bunch of nails in a board or use one of the tools that was safe or that I wouldn’t injure myself on.

I think I got a certain appreciation at that point for well-built, long-lasting quality pieces.

At Sphere Repurposed, we are dedicated to making sure our customers are happy! Referrals are our best form of advertising. Please let us know whom we might talk to for their unique project.

About Us

We are committed to meeting your schedule so that you can enjoy your custom woodworking masterpieces on time.

We source the best quality product for your project and inspect each item before it leaves our woodworking shop to ensure it meets our strict quality standards.

We believe in finding and reusing building materials that have a history, life, and desire to transform into your ideal signature piece that you’ll be proud to own.