Residential Projects

Mike Clark explains the many custom woodworking features built into their new home.
Jean Lash talks about the custom wood and metal elements that Sphere Repurposed built for her home.
live edge feature

Black Walnut Table and Bench

We had a local client contact us about building him a table and bench. He had a black walnut tree taken down in his yard that was showing unhealthy signs; it was dropping limbs and looking sickly. He had the tree milled at a sawmill and kiln dried.

It’s important to have sticks placed between the wood pieces while kiln drying so that the wood dries evenly. If not, the wood will be bowed and cupped. This is what happened, so we carefully sorted the material to figure out the best cuts to maximize the result – we were going for a live edge, classy look.

Even though we are not magicians, we created a beautiful table and bench. The client bought the perfect cast legs to go with this, making for an incredible set.


Custom Desk with Multiple Wood Types

A home office deserves quality, custom furniture. Our client wanted something that was totally unique – a desk like no one else’s.

He asked for a desk made from various species of wood, so we found Red Oak, White Oak, Cherry, Black Walnut, and African Mahogany.  Joining all these together created a beautifully warm, stripped effect that showcased the beauty of each wood type.

The custom desk is solid construction with steel supports. A store-bought chair just didn’t look right with this custom desk, so, we built him a chair. He called a few hours later and ordered a printer cabinet as well.

Function + beauty

Custom Oak Bookcase + Ladder

When you have boxes and boxes of books you love, you want to enjoy them. We created a custom oak bookcase, with a unique library ladder, so finding just the right reading material was easy. This piece definitely adds function and custom beauty to the landing area.

Room accents

Recycled Barn Doors from Fire

It’s tragic when a house burns down. But when we have the opportunity to salvage items that survived the fire, we find ways to make them beautiful again.

This is what we did with the interior doors found from a house that burned on Butler Street in Adrian, MI.

The Clark family now enjoys beautiful, high-gloss doors that are a showcase entry into one of their favorite rooms.

Furniture accents

New African Mahogany Shower Bench

This custom-build shower bench was made from new African Mahogany and assembled using pinned mortise and tenon joinery of matching mahogany, for structural integrity, solid support and aesthetic cohesiveness.

Furniture accents

Custom Side Tables

Just the right accent pieces as you walk through a home add a touch of class and sophistication. When we salvaged wood from the ceiling collapse inside a church building, two wood beams showed lots of character. Paired with some steel accents, we created matching side tables that complimented the rest of the décor throughout the room nicely.

bedroom accents

Custom Headboard

This custom headboard was designed because the client wanted it to be the focal point of the room, instead of hanging additional artwork on the wall. Her artistic desires paired with our carpentry skills as she compared many types of wood, whitewash stain, and finishes as we progressed through the project.

Unusual dimensions

Custom Table

Growing up on a farm brought special memories for our client who wanted a not-quite-square table in her kitchen. We repurposed wood from a 150-year-old barn near Tecumseh. For her, this was the highlight of designing a kitchen table with custom dimensions that fit perfectly for eight people. The top showcases all the unique qualities of the history of that wood and the metal legs make it safe and sturdy for large dinners.


Custom China Cabinet

When you see an item of furniture that’s tired, old, and broken…but you know it still has life as something better – that’s when a design transformation can change the focal point of a room. This cabinet saw better days but still had a solid foundation.

We designed it into a China Cabinet style that now features a refreshment area for entertainment.

china cabinet showing refreshment station
Design in stages

Custom Cabinet

Roughing out a concept design helps the creative juices see how two distinct salvage pieces can be rebuilt, and later pieced together, for a unique cabinet. We started with drawings to get the client’s approval, worked through her choices of stain for the wood, and found the ideal finish that compliments her room, giving her a custom cabinet that she loves.


Oversized Serving Tray

Repurposing wood can bring some fun, quick projects and unique uses for the wood we find. One recent customer wanted an oversized serving tray.

After figuring out the right dimensions and assembly techniques needed, we think this turned out beautifully. By the way, the bottom wood was taken from a salvaged piano.

new home build

Transom Window

When we salvaged items from Garfield School before it was torn down, one of the unique pieces was a transom window. The couple who bought it thought it would make an awesome accent in their new home construction. It’s pretty cool that old, historical focal pieces can fit perfectly in new homes.